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Kodzuken Live is a Haikyuu zine revolving around Kenma Kozume and his love for video games. These products will only be available at from April 10 to May 16.


Newbie BundleDigital PDF Only 15USD
Starter PackagePhysical Zine Only22USD
Event Box Bundle A 32USD
Ascension Pack Bundle B 35USD
Kodzuken PassFull Bundle 45USD

Add the Digital PDF to your physical orders for 8USD.

Community Goals

50 SalesPolaroidAdded to Event Box and Kodzuken PassUnlocked
75 SalesWashi TapeAdded to Ascension Pack and Kodzuken PassUnlocked
100 SalesEnamel PinAdded to Ascension Pack and Kodzuken PassUnlocked

Preorders closeD


What is the theme of the zine?
The theme of this zine is Kenma as a gamer. Contributors may choose to focus on Kenma as a gamer, showcasing him casually gaming, depicting what they believe his “gamer” setup would look like or even what his game collection — or even game room — would look like. They may also consider focusing on Kenma game play and choose to depict Kenma playing a specific game and how he would play it.

Will the zine be digital or physical?
This zine will be a physical A5 book that will also be available digitally.

Where will the proceeds go?
This zine will be for profit, after funding the production, the profit will be split amongst the moderators and contributors.

How will contributors be compensated?
Contributors will receive a free PDF copy of the zine at the very least. Additional compensation will be determined by the Zine Specs and sales.


What is the rating for this zine?
SFW | PG13

Will this zine have ships/shipping?
No. This will be a general zine.

How many contributors are you accepting?
20 Artists, 5 Writers, 5 Merch Artists.

Will this zine be focusing on Kenma or time-skip Pro-gamer Kenma ?
We accept all Kenmas here.

Will this zine include other Haikyuu characters?
Yes, because games are best played with friends. But the primary focus will be Kenma.


Content Restrictions:
Rated PG-13. This means no obsessive gore, nudity, excessive swearing or mention of drugs.Kenma Zine is a general zine. No Shipping.
Contributor Requirements and Restrictions:

  • All contributors are expected to have and use Discord, as it will be our main mode of communication.

  • Contributors retain their right to share their work and can redistribute AFTER zine sales close. They are not allowed to share WIPs or final work during the process or preorders, sans contributor previews - more information about that to come.

  • Contributors may apply for more than one role but will only be chosen for one.

  • All contributors are expected to have played video games before.

  • All contributors must submit a portfolio with their application; a personal website, google drive folder, or something of that nature that is NOT cluttered with other content. Applications do not require Haikyuu/Kenma art, but would be appreciated.

  • No previous zine experience required. Contributors will be picked by skill and their compatibility with the theme of the zine. So show us pieces that best showcase your skills.

  • Traditional art is accepted as long as the contributor can provide a high quality scan of at least 300DPI that has been color corrected.

Illustrator Application Requirements:
We’re looking for an understanding of anatomy and design principles. Things like composition, color, perspective, hierarchy, rhythm. The application itself will ask for a medium portfolio 7-15 pieces. This can be a google drive folder, or a personal website etc. (just not a cluttered social media). Literal backgrounds are not required; however, we are still looking at your backgrounds and compositions. We’re looking for how a piece works altogether. That being said, pieces with backgrounds have higher potential as it allows detail, setting, and perspective. Please note, we love a contributor who can follow directions on 7-15 pieces.

Merch Application Requirements:
We’re looking for similar things to the illustrators, but obviously designed for merch. If you want to make charms show us what you can do as a charm. If you want to make buttons, show us your button designs. Ideally 10+ designs, but more is welcome in your portfolio.

Writer Application Requirements:
Standard requirements: proper characterization, grammar/syntax, pacing, etc. No more than 3000 words per sample. Excerpts are allowed but you must include at least one completed piece (full story) within the word limit. Haikyuu fics are preferred but not required.


Aug 21Interest Check Open
Sep 04Mod Applications Open
Sep 18Interest Check Closes
Oct 09Mod Applications Close
Oct 16 Contributor Applications Open
Nov 21Contributor Applications Close
Nov 28Contributor Emails
Jan 17Check In 1
Feb 21Check In 2
Mar 21 Check In 3
Apr 11Preorders Open
May 16Preorders Close


Art Direction, Communications, Organization
Twitter || Instagram

  • Urban Legend: A DRRR!!! Fanzine Art Direction, Communication, Organization, Graphics

  • Liberation a Paranormal Liberation Front Zine Art direction, Communication, Organization

  • BFA with an Emphasis in Illustration. Art History Minor.

  • Excellent visual analysis skill. 10+ College level art history courses passed with A.

  • Real-life experience as a stage manager and general theatre technician at Parker arts and cultural events center.

  • Strong organizational and communication skills.

  • Freelance illustrator/Graphic designer for logos and full illustrations

  • Multiple Youtube clients for full illustrations, Series logos, thumbnails, banners, branding.

  • Proficient in InDesign, Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator.

  • Contributor to 25+ Zines.

  • Knowledge as a contributor as well as a moderator allows clear and fair communication across the team.

Mod Lucy
Graphics, Layout
Twitter || Instagram || Carrd

  • BNHA Katsukitchen Graphics, Layout, Communications

  • BNHA Versed in Quirky Poetry Graphics

  • BNHA All You Can Eat Graphics & Layout

  • BNHA Girl Power! Graphics & Layout

  • BNHA Kiribaku Holiday Graphics & Layout

  • MYSME 707hearts606 Graphics

  • BNHA Liberation Graphics, Layout, Social Media

  • Participated in events and zines as an illustrator

  • BFA in Graphic Design

  • Proficiency in HTML/CSS, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Indesign, Gsuite

  • Designed, printed, and assembled — single handedly — books during her BFA: Perfect Bound, Saddle Stitch, Hand Stitched, Coil Bound, Accordion, French fold

Mod Madin
Writing Direction, Betaing, Social Media
Tumblr || Twitter

  • ATLA Tales of the Four Nations Organization, Communication, Social media, Beta reading

  • BNHA Wanderlust Organization, Communication, Social media

  • BNHA Youkai Parade Organization, Communication

  • Haikyuu Team Zines Social media, Communication

  • Death Parade Memento Mori Social media

  • HXH Downtime Organization

  • DRRR Urban Legend Writing mod

  • Greek Myths Zine Social media

  • Contributed in 10+ zines as a writer

Mod Nash
Production, Shipping
Tumblr || Twitter

  • BNHA Eras Zine Finance, Production & Shipping

  • Taberu: A HQ Cookbook Finance, Production & Shipping

  • Participated in 3 zines as a writer

  • Has experience in organising the production of multiple university events including workshops and tombolas.

Mod Keii
Twitter || Twitter

  • Fate/Alternative Vol 1 (+Vol2 ongoing) admin, general, finance, production/shipping

  • HanaTabi Tarot admin, general, finance, graphics, production/shipping

  • Boku no Youkai Parade admin, finance

  • Fate/Cullection general, finance, production/shipping

  • Fan the Flames finance

  • +Ongoing projects as finance mod

  • Contributor in 10+ zines

  • BA in Business Accounting

  • 4 years of business accounting education

  • 3 years of accounting/finance work experience

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You can contact us through our email at [email protected].